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 Blossom is a well-established agency that  offers experienced, qualified nannies and english after-school  babysitters. We specialize in placing them in Paris, Besançon and worldwide. 


Our agency selects its applicant thoroughly and methodically in accordance with numbers of essential criteria such  as professional ethics, experience with children, qualifications and manners. 


A nanny is a  well-educated person who should be capable of providing a child with intellectual simulation and reassuring environment of his emotional balance.  


We only register candidates with a minimum of three years working experience as a nanny. 

Our nannies are interviewed individually and references, diplomas and criminal records are meticulously checked. 

We inform early childhood professionals about Nonviolent communication (NVC), created by Doctor of

Psychology Marshall Rosenberg, which will help you interact with children in an informed and smart way.

Documents and books will be offered on the subject. Involvement on your part would be greatly appreciated.

To apply with us thank you to make sure you have an up -to- date CV and checkable reference. 

Our warm and friendly team will be there to help you during our recruitment process. 

 Contact us

 Tél:   09 84 19 52 01   


 Opening Times: Monday to Friday:

                10:00   till  17:00

We welcome you by appointment only

Blossom Agency
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 How to apply with us ?      

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